The 5 Terre Appartamento a Riomaggiore - Via Telemaco Signorini 506 -19017 Riomaggiore ( SP) Tel +393206960259 mail - The 5 Terre Apartment in Riomaggiore

The 5 terre rent an apartment for 3 people with one double, one single bedroom, kitchen, living area and a private bathroom with shower in the center of Riomaggiore. The apartment is located in Via Signorini, the quiet road that leads from the station to the church and has a beautiful view towards the mountains that surround it , rich in vineyards and terraces full of lemons.
All rooms are very bright thanks to large windows that look out. The apartment is 5 minutes from the station, 10 minutes walk from the sea and a short walk from the main street with shops, restaurants and activities. From the parking lot you can unload your luggage in the vicinity of the apartment. The ideal solution for a short or long vacation to the 5 Terre and surrounding area, Portovenere and its islands , Lerici , Tellaro,and from Portofino to Pisa.


Riomaggiore is the most oriental of the Cinque Terre, the first village you meet coming from La Spezia.
Built along the river valley Rivus Major, the village is an explosion of colored houses climbing the sea, enclosed between the cliffs and mountains of lands cultivated with typical terraces. At the top is the parish church of St. John the Baptist, built in 1340 by order of the Bishop of Luni.
The Oratory of the Disciplined is the sixteenth century, while the other side, in an elevated position there are the remains of the castle of the XV-XVI Century In 1997 the Cinque Terre, together with Portovenere and the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, were included among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The next year was set up marine protected area that has allowed, over the years, a development of flora and fauna of the sea.On the calm seas days a dive in the crystal clear sea of 5 terre offers , even with the simple use of masch, a unique spectacle. Riomaggiore is connected to other villages from the path No. 2 to Manarola that is called the Way of Love(via dell’amore). For a visit to the 5 Terre is comfortable to use the train that connects them all in about 20 minutes. During good weather, the ship also stops in all the countries and allows you to see a beautiful show the coast and the area